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ENSF chairman, Professor K. Tahir Shah has been invited to join the International Program Committee of 4th International Conference on "Function Spaces, Differential Operators, General Topology, and problems of Mathematical Education" to be held in Moscow, Russia from 25-29 March 2013.

To celebrate the World Cancer Day, ENSF has sponsored another important health awareness seminar, organized by the Community Education and Awareness Program (CEAP) and the National Academy of Young Scientists (NAYS), Pakistan, in collaboration with Peshawar University, Pakistan.

ENSF has sponsored a health awareness seminar on World Cancer Day organized by the National Academy of Young Scientists (NAYS), Pakistan, in collaboration with Department of Chemistry, University of Karachi, Pakistan, held on February 2,2013.

ENSF sponsored the 11th Radiation Physics and Protection Conference, held in Ismailia-Cairo, Egypt from 25 to 28 November, 2012.

ENSF Application Guidelines

How to apply
All applicants must complete and submit the online application form available at
In addition, the following additional documentation must be sent to our offices upon online application
     -    Copy of your latest CV with a recent photograph
     -    Copy of your passport pages (only those with personal details)
     -    An estimate of your expected itemized expenses
     -    Documentation detailing and justifying the request for support (see table below).

Travel grants Fellowships Conference support Science for public awareness
Institutional projects
-    Official invitation letter -    Copy of abstract


-    Official letter of acceptance from host university
-    Breakdown of university fees and estimate stipend

-    A business plan with detailed budget-    CVs of the organizers


All documentation must be sent via email to Dr. Sheila Khawaja, Administrative officer (info@ensf-

When to apply
ENSF accepts applications throughout the year.

Processing time
Each program has different processing times according to the required and individual evaluation
procedures of the selection committees. The following suggested processing periods, after submission
of all documentation, may be subject to extensions:

  • requests for travel support, full conference participation support, training course participation: 2 months

  • requests for PhD dissertation submission ONLY (this does not include fellowships of any kind): 1 month

  • requests for PhD fellowships, visiting research periods, research proposal: 4 months

  • requests for full or partial sponsorship of a regional or international conference: 5 months

In consideration of the above mentioned processing times, applicants are strongly encouraged to submit
their requests as soon as they have received the official invitation or necessary documentation.
ENSF reserves the right to request additional information while the application is being evaluated. Only
upon receipt of all the necessary documentation will the case be submitted to the selection committee
for evaluation and eventual earmarking of funds. Incomplete applications or lack of submission of
necessary documentation results in applicants requests for support not being considered.

Applicants will receive an email of acknowledgement when all documentation has been received. The standard processing time indicated in the previous section begins from the moment the request has been submitted to the selection committee, usually 1 week after all documentation has been received/acknowledged

ENSF offers scientists from emerging nations the opportunity to carry out their PhD studies or research in countries other than their own. We strongly promote South-South collaborations, as it is one of the main objectives of our foundation. ENSF does, however, offer a very limited number of fellowships for scientific visit to developed nations, subject to funding availability.


Type of fellowship                               Maximum period of fellowship grant
PhD studies 3 years
Post-Doctoral 2 years
Visiting research

Max 2 months in developed nations     Max 6 months in emerging nations

Support for international conferences
ENSF strongly promotes the organization of scientific activities in emerging nations by offering financial
assistance to the organizers of such events. It is understood that such activities are likely to benefit the scientific community in developing countries and promote regional and international cooperation in science, technology and innovation and their applications to problems faced by the emerging nations of
Asia and Africa.

Scientific activities may include:
     -    Thematic workshops
     -    International conferences
     -    Projects to enhance the public awareness of science

Support is normally provided in the form of travel grants for principal speakers from abroad and/or participants from emerging nations other than the country where the meeting is held.

  • ENSF considers applications made by organizers who are scientists affiliated to an institution located only in emerging nations.

  • ENSF must be acknowledged as a sponsor in all material and websites related to the supporte activity.

  • Immediately after the meeting, organizers should send ENSF a final narrative and financial report, the final scientific program and the list of participants and lecturers.

  • If the support awarded to the conference organizers is in the form of air tickets, pre-selected and approved applicants will receive e-tickets from ENSF.

Upon completion of your trip, please provide a detailed trip report outlining the state of science in the visited region (active programs, schools, labs, etc.), and your overall experiences in the country in comparison to that of your home country. For trips of less than one month, please provide a summary of your trip with highlights. Photos are welcome.

Article Publication in Journals
For the moment, ENSF will not consider applications for funding requests to pay for publication fees in scientific journals, in order that we may devote maximum resources to fellowship, travel, and other such grants. We encourage you to look for alternative means of funding, or to solicit the support and interest of the many reputable scientific journals that do not charge any publication fee.

-    Visa requirements: if the applicant requires an entry visa to reach the final destination, it is the responsibility of the applicant to apply for the visa    with ample time prior to the estimated departure date. ENSF is not able to provide any specific assistance aimed at obtaining visas, beyond the  provision of documentation attesting to the approval of a grant. Furthermore, ENSF does not call or contact visa offices of embassies/consulates to inquire about the status of the applicant’s visa.

-    ENSF does not provide funds for daily allowances or reimburse approved expenses that are not specified in original and verifiable receipts.

-    Bank details: if the grant awarded envisages direct settlement of specific expenses (such as accommodation, university fees, registration fees, etc.), it is the applicant’s responsibility to inform the appropriate finance office of the institution/organization to contact ENSF
administration through Dr. Khawaja ( in order to provide invoices and bank details. Settlement of invoices will only occur via bank transfer.

-    Airfare and air tickets: applicant’s requesting air travel support must send an estimate of their trip and specify the city of departure. If a travel grant is approved, ENSF generally sends an e- ticket directly to the awardee. If the applicant is to be reimbursed for the air travel, he/she must send copy of the ticket invoice and copy of all boarding passes (upon return to their home country) via email. Without proof of ticket utilization, no reimbursement is possible. Air tickets are sent by ENSF only after applicants have obtained necessary travel documents (passport, visa and any other required documentation).

-    Change of travel itinerary: Once a ticket is issued, applicants are not allowed to change the dates and times of travel, itineraries or stopovers without prior approval from ENSF.

-    Accompanying persons: ENSF does not provide any funding or assistance for accompanying family members of the applicant, due to limited funding. It is the responsibility of the applicant to cover all expenses, as well as following all procedures for visa application.


ENSF grants are awarded to promising scientists in diverse fields of research and covers biology, chemistry, medicine, physics, mathematics and environmental science both in pure and applied sectors


All applicants must complete our online application form and refer to the Guidelines for any additional clarifications.

ENSF is instituting prizes in physics, chemistry and biology & medicine in recognition of outstanding contribution by scientists in these fields.


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